prop selection for 202 pro-v

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prop selection for 202 pro-v

Postby bowman32 » Fri Aug 15, 2008 10:52 am

I have a 1998 pro-v 202 that is seriously under powered, but considering the circumstances for now I need to go with what I have. This boat is set up with a 150 merc (not an EFI,xr6 just a standard carburated 150l). Why the guy I bought this boat from had a 150 on it Ill never know. I am having a planing issue, right when the boat starts to plane it blows out, now if i feather it a little it will plane out, but with 3 people It takes for ever to plane out and I cant keep it from blowing out. It has a 10" blazer jack plate, the prop shaft is 2.5" below the pad, and It has a 14 x 22p raker prop. My top speed with me is 61. Im not necessairly wanting anymore speed just a better hole shot with what I have. yesterday I put a 13 3/4 x 23p trophy plus on it and the hole shot was better (no blowing out) even with 3 people on board but the top speed with just me was 50. It didnt plane out any faster it just did not blow out. I tried this prop with all the plugs in and with them out. It would not even plane out with the plugs out of it. the best It ran was with 2 plugs out. Besides buying a bigger motor does anyone have any suggestions as to what prop I should use and what motor height this set up should be ran at.
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Re: prop selection for 202 pro-v

Postby Rebel1 » Sun Aug 17, 2008 6:46 pm

Raise the motor up until you have about 12-15lb.( around 1.5 below the pad) of water pressure and run both props again. The give us the rpm, speed, and how the hole shot was with each. With any boat, you will have to have give and take when it comes to hole shot and top end. The boat needs to be set up like you would run it most of the time. With 3 people in any boat, hole shot and top end is going to suffer.
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Re: prop selection for 202 pro-v

Postby dtw » Sun Sep 07, 2008 7:10 pm

you need to put the prop shaft even with pad & use a 23 pitch thophy propeller & hold it to the floor. :o
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Re: prop selection for 202 pro-v

Postby res303 » Sat Nov 08, 2008 1:37 am

it has been my experience that 23 to 24 pitch is about right for a 150 to 175 hoarse out board. a blazer boat is lighter by comparison than most other fiberglass boats on the market so 150 hp isnt as underpowered as u might think. i would raise the motor in 1/2 inch incriments until your satisfied with the hole shot believe it or not alot of times holeshot improves with the engine higher. another thing you can try is when you start off with the motor trimed all the way down start triming the motor up as soon as you hit the throttle and continue untill u are on plane. it also helps to initiate a turn as soon as you hit the throttle this will also help to get the boat on plane faster. if all this fails to help i would consider going to a four bladed prop of about 24 pitch. four bladed props help by lifting the stern of the boat out of the water to help get on plane faster. they also loose les speed in the turns, improve steering response and gas mileage. a very good one i would recomend is made by power tech. it is rated as one of the best 4 blades available. just go to powertech .com hope this helps.
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