Speed Drop 202

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Speed Drop 202

Postby Cthorne » Tue Jun 23, 2009 3:44 pm

I have a 1998 202 with 225 Yamaha 27 pitch three blade Yamaha prop.10 inch Jack plate mechanical. My question is I get the boat up to around 74 MPH and the it will fall to around 67 for no apparent reason. I have had the boat faster but I have been playing with the Jack plate to get rid of the chime, which I have done but by moving the plate up as high as I have I think I am pulling the prop out of the water and that might be the reason I lose speed. I am about an inch below the pad. I have about 15psi water pressure and am running about 5900 RPM. Im thinking of moving the motor down alittle it seemed like it was faster with the chime and now I have enough seat time I can deal with it. Does this sound right or could it be my prop which is not perfect condition but only minor dings.
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Re: Speed Drop 202

Postby Blazer Bandit » Tue Jul 28, 2009 1:03 pm

There are several things this could possibly be. I am running almost the same setup. The Yamaha VMax HPDI is an awesome motor. It has several features that you may not know about. #1 If you bump the governor at 6000 RPM's, it is designed to reduce your RPM's to keep from blowing up. All you have to do is ease off the gas a little and you will feel the RPM's kick back in. #2 If your over heat alarm or low oil reservoir alarm is not working, your engine may be over heating, in return, it does the same think similar to bumping the RPM governor. It will reduce RPM's until it cools. These may not be the problem, but if these are not the problem, UH OH! :shock:
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