CCA shoot out...slidell la

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CCA shoot out...slidell la

Postby dyepac » Sun Apr 06, 2008 3:41 pm

"the seas were rough my friend" constanza...seinfeild..1987
well i started fishing friday and looked all day to find some clean water...finnaly found it about 9:30 called a friend and asked if he found clean water.. the day before he was down there... the answer was NO i think i was doing good , well the sun broke a little and then blind casting a spinner... BAM....PIG on(so i thought) 26 1/2 but only 6.5lbs trolled around and saw a bunch so i backed out....rode around some more.....just looking....made a game plan and hope the front didnt mess me up

woke up to a light show(lighting) and a good wind...we were in the second flight and i knew it was delayed so we went to McDonalds and got a bisquit..finnaly made it to the launch and found a spot right next to some guy with a ranger boat and a AUBURN frogg togg i figure i would park next to him....after a little wait we were called to the pre stage and time to go..well it was WOT across the lake and the pucker factor was up..we finally made it to our spot #1 and first cast(tommy) with a spoon...bam..27 1/2....fished for a long time and caught alot of small ones..decided to get to the pond spot#2 i was at friday..with a north gail wind i was hoping the water was still was..pulled in and first 5 cast...4 fish in the boat..all 25-26 1/2 fish took the 2 fattest then it was on like a chicken bone to get back to weight in...pulled in and they said 14.2 was leading so i felt good with what we had..weighed in and right at 13lbs....
all said and done we finished 16th(money) considering the conditions and the weigh we done good....
thanks to my partner TOMMY "HITMAN" BURKE for showing up and catching fish...sorry about the stress man.......
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