Things that make you say "huh?"

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Things that make you say "huh?"

Postby topdog » Sat Apr 12, 2008 8:54 pm

My boat is a 07 2420/f250. While I am not dissatisfied, I am dissappointed with some things on it.
1-The instrument panel and the cup holder is not designed to keep water out of the console, but the rod holders are plumbed and drained to the bilge. I guess it is okay to get all of the wires and switches wet, but don't let the rod holders drain on the floor. HUH!
2-The so called ice cooler under the flip-up seats wont hold ice for three hours in April. Has no more than 1/4 " insulation. What's it going to do in August?
3-Only compartments that are dry are the rod boxes and front fish box {didn't even try it with ice--just loaded it with life jackets} Wouldn't it be nice if you could use the livewells for dry storage if not needed for bait? Just design all the hatch opennigs the same, insulate all compartments, and we could choose how we wanted to use them!
4-Wash-down pump mounted to the transom with no insulation. Turn it on and scare every fish in 200 yards! HUH
5-The ice chest under the leaning post can only open about 4 or 5 inches because it hits the rod holders. A small difference in placement of the holders would allow several more inches in opening.

These are just a few things that tell me some boat designers don't care about function, they just want it to look good!
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Re: Things that make you say "huh?"

Postby neverenough » Thu Apr 17, 2008 7:21 pm

sorry to here of your dissapointment, i think if you try hard you can pick apart anything to the point of dissapointment. i would recommend drinking some beer and fishing to spend your time, instead of crying about the choices we have made............
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Re: Things that make you say "huh?"

Postby KJN » Sun Apr 27, 2008 9:10 pm

I understand your point. When I looked at the 2420, I noticed things that could of been improved upon. They could of made the stern hatchs drain into the trough. I am worried that in a big rain the gutters will fill up and leak into bilge. Also the live wells had no lips. Rain water could go right into compartment. I personally never use live bait, only artificials, I want that room for dry storage. I noticed the 2420 barely had enough room for a 150 qt icechest. The 2220 pro did not. The Port rodlocker could of held bou'cou' more rods if it were built like the Starboard side locker. Also seems the dry storage compartment in the bow could of been larger, either take some of the anchor locker compartment or go lower in hull???
Also seems like they could of angled the throtle shelf on console closer to a 90 degree than it is. Seems it would be hard to go in reverse without hitting yoursef'.

I am definatly not knockin Blazer, prob will be my next boat, But these are just a few things I noticed looking at the boat once. I just think they could improve on the boat and make it an awsome fishing machine :D :mrgreen:
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