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Re: Fueling up a 2400

Postby rhino » Wed Jun 30, 2010 9:15 pm

hlmoore wrote:Am in the process on mound a LG100 in my 2002 Bay 21. The vent line is rumming a bout a 45 degree . The instruction says to mount it vertically or more more the a 60 degree angle. How much angle are you set up at? . Maybe I will have to install 2 each 90 degree to make it complete verticaly . Yall have a good day.

Let us know how goes ! I ordered one from that man too 1 Thanks Bryan
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Re: Fueling up a 2400

Postby Bryan Foti » Thu Jul 01, 2010 11:12 pm

The rig up and engine install is complete on my new 2400 as of tonight. All I can currently think of that I have left to do is install the swim platform/ladder on the port stern.

I have posted a few pics of what I did during the rig up of this boat which comes from things I have ran across over the years. Feel free to ask questions or offer suggestions and I will update as we progress. Of the things I changed or re-rigged from the factory, the only complaint I really have is the use of non-stainless screws in some places. Everything else is minor and expected. After crawling around the compartments and bildge for 2.5 weeks, I can assure everyone that Blazer still builds one bad azz hull!!!

Also, big kudos to the guys at Trail's Yamaha in Henderson, LA for another job well done on my custom four stroke 250!!!!!!! She is sweet and worth the wait!!

Paste this address to your browser to view some pics I have on photobucket - (if it works!)

http://s843.photobucket.com/albums/zz35 ... 002.jpg%26
Bryan Foti
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Re: Fueling up a 2400****Update****

Postby Bryan Foti » Tue Jul 06, 2010 3:32 pm


After running 3 trips for shallow water reds and putting 7 hours on the new engine, it was time to fuel up the boat for the first time following my first problems which started this whole thread!

I am pleased to announce, that I pumped 59.10 gallons of gasoline into the boat yesterday without one single problem!!! Not a drop came out of the vent line and even better, the fuel was able to flow without any problems or tripping of the automatic nozzle. I waited until I got home and used the same pump I used the first time to see if I could duplicate the scenario to repeat the process. I have no idea if it was the LG 100 filter or the shortening of the hoses, or a combination of both, but the fuel went into the tank as fast as I could pump it and never spilled.

A big "thank you" to all that have posted on this site with the help on this issue!!!!!!
Bryan Foti
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Re: Fueling up a 2400

Postby Bryan Foti » Mon Jul 11, 2011 9:22 am

Update to this fueling issue on the Blazer Bay 2400. As first reported, I had great difficulty in getting fuel in my boat. This issue did not matter if the boat was on the trailer, or being fueled in the water. After one year of service and the installation of the LG 100 air/fuel seperator, I have not had one issue.......ever. Granted, I did remove approximately 6" of extra fill hose, but the issues has been eliminated.

I can set the pump nozzel and go onto other things such as rigging tackle or scrubbing the deck. The pump shuts of when full and never spills a drop. Thanks again for all the advice and help in this matter.
Bryan Foti
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