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Postby todd river » Mon Jul 26, 2010 9:09 am

jpeeze wrote:Thanks for all the help. Now I am trying to decide between the 2170 and 2200 can't make up my mind. Any major
differences I know the hull is the same I mainly will be riding to the island to wade fish. Just won't to make right decision.


LIke it was mentioned earlier go with a tandem trailer. I always had a liner in all of my boats, and I thought
it would be easier to keep it clean. I have no regrets with the 2170. EIther way like you said, its the same boat.
If you keep it spic & span the liner is always better looking IMHO. Personally I am going to be 54 in Oct, I try to
limit the extra work these days. :lol:
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