1960 Bay - What Outboard is BEST?

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1960 Bay - What Outboard is BEST?

Postby Bamayaker » Tue Dec 14, 2010 6:46 pm

I am looking into purchasing a BB1960 and wanted to see if I could get first hand advice from owners as to which motor they feel is the best choice. The 1960BB specs call for a minimum of a 90 HP, recommend a 115HP, and the 150HP as max. I plan on using the boat in rivers, bay and flats. Want enough HP to get out of the hole in shallow water and enough speed to not limit my options of where I can fish. I'm too old to worry about being the fastest boat out there or beating my buddies with the 250's to our spots. :lol: Just looking for what is percieved to be the best all around choice considering all.
I look forward to feedback as I know this can get as opinionated (UGLY) as talking Bama vs. Auburn football. (Roll Tide) :o
Thanks for your opinion.
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Re: 1960 Bay - What Outboard is BEST?

Postby 1960 BB » Mon Feb 20, 2012 4:09 pm

150 hp will get you going 50 mph. You will be able to cruise at 40 mph. I would definately get the 150 4 stroke Yamaha.
1960 BB
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