please help....

please help....

Postby ward212 » Sun Sep 21, 2008 4:13 pm

i have a 2000 2o2 pro v blazer with a 95 225 promax with cle lower runnin a 25 trophy thats been b&b'd by mark croxton...i cant seem to get my prop to pad right...everyone is sayin run around 1-3in below pad and some saying een level or 1/2 in or so above....well my prob is i have my motor around 2-3 in below and at full trim its blowing im not sure what the correct name for this is but the fin above the prop where you would mount hydrofoils and such is like 4-5 in out of the water at trim..oh yeak it has a 10in jackplate....what could be my prob???i can barely even run 60mph and then it loses speed as the prop loses can hear it when your running like its allmost out of the water....please help me..
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