how to get the best performance

how to get the best performance

Postby kchiasson » Wed Mar 25, 2009 4:04 pm

i have a 1998 blazer vlx 150 that i just bought about a month ago with a blown 2.5 200 merc. i removed the blown motor and installed an 80's model 2.4 200 merc.i was told that the boat ran 75mph with the 2.5 and i was also told that with the 2.4 that i put on it that it should run between 75 and 80mph.but after playing with the rig the fastest i got was 65mph and then its starts chine walking.i have a 26 chopper on it right now turning 6000rpm with the nose cone 2 inches below the pad.i'm getting good lift but it seems like i should be running faster and i was wondering can anybody give me any tips? thanks.
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