water in fuel

water in fuel

Postby redtide » Sun Apr 05, 2009 9:40 am

i have a 07 202, it has been to the dealer four times becouse of water in the fuel. the third time one tank had 6 gals that was almost all water and other had 14 gals that would not burn when you put a match to it. they said it was from buying fuel with water in it, ( not true) and from condensation? Tried to fish a tournament Sat. alarm started going off again stating water in fuel and would not run at all. this boat has been at the shop more than in my garage, help!
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Re: water in fuel

Postby briscoec » Fri Jun 05, 2009 8:00 pm

My friend you are the victim of ethanol! Ethanol wants to take on (absorb) water. You need to look at your check valve on your vent. They make a positive shut off check valve that goes on that vent line that will not allow any air back in. What happens is during the day when it's hot the gases expand and when it cools down they contract and it causes the tank to breathe. Thus it sucks in the humidity and knocks out into your tank because of ETHANOL!

You need to locate where your vent line is, for starters. It should not be located inside the hull. If that is the case you need to immediately move it to a place on the the rear transom but inside your boat. Buy a decent check valve, in line type and Viola. Your done.............. No more water in the tank. PS you must live where it's pretty humid, huh? Also every other tank I run a 16 oz bottle of SeaFoam (sp) through it to knock out the water. I guess it allows your filter to catch it. Remember, ethanol allows the water to thoroughly mix together with the gasloine sort of like a mixed drink the waay it does with alcohol. Capish?
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Re: water in fuel

Postby crofish » Mon Jul 20, 2009 7:43 pm

Did you figure out your problem? I had a similar problem on my 1960 Bay boat. It ended up being a Blazer defect. I had no check valve on the vent line. I took it back to blazer, they fixed the vent line, drained the water out the tank and took care of the engine. Several trips later she's still running great.
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