My 2150 Fish...experience 4 years later

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My 2150 Fish...experience 4 years later

Postby HookNUp1 » Sat May 26, 2012 12:32 am

2150 fish with power pole XL T-top, 200 Yami 4 stroke, jack plate. Overall have loved every one of the 270 hours I have put on her. Very safe for my kids with decent freeboard, places to sit and fish.

I have a 4-bladed prop and get 24 - 28kts at 2500rpm as a nice cruise. Under ideal conditions she will easily hit 40kts by GPS.
Best of all this boat has handled some serious chop and 3 foot waves and I felt very confident during several bouts of sudden bad weather. Very dry except under extreme windy conditions.

She will float in 10 inches of water under a light load. I have drifted the flats with skinny water boats many times.

Got rid of the trolling motor and mainly cut drifts using the power pole.


Boat is kept on trailer and outside. Pretty rough down here on Galveston island, but she looks good. I am to be shamed for not investing in a decent cover. I do flush and washdown religiously however.

Running light socket is a setup to collect water.

Deck lights consider switching to LEDs that stay cool and eat way less juice

Power Pole XL Keep spare SS bolts/washers and nuts for your power pole and tighten the ones at the articulation points. If you lose one it's embarrassing to have your pole wobble and drag behind the boat. As me how I know.

Baitwell will splash when full...shorten standpipe or drill pluggable holes to control your own ideal depth.

Bow trim switch subject to water intrusion esp. when pressure washing. This will kill your pump if not detected so look here first if engine auto trims/tilts and know where the manual bleed valve is on the stbd. side of the engine mount in case this happens while you are out !

Access hatch for fuel-water separator (FWS) not really watertight, saltwater will drip on and kill the FWS and it's mounting bracket...switched to a stainless bracket and include a washdown of the FWS, which I also coat with Corrosion X now and then. I had the entire case eaten through once and it crudded the VTS tank.

Hatch latches are stiff but work OK. Could have maintained them better.

Engine cable collar will crack if you tilt and lower jackplate. PIA to replace.

Water/crap in fuel has cost me 2 trips to the shop from both a fouled injector and VTS tank. Quit using old marina fuel and gas it by hand. My additive is the Starbrite Enzyme.

Lost an impeller due to sand induction, par for the course around here.

I get a warning horn from the engine now and then...not sure if it's water in the fuel or over-temp. Probably the latter as I am usualy low and slow when it happens.

Get rid of the cheapies they have in there and invest in a decent Rule 2000

You had best change out the hose clamps for stainless ones. My factory ones were pretty crappy after 2 seasons and it is not an easy bilge to get around if you throw a hose.
I coud have been more religious about cleaning and de-salting the bilge.

Well, that's just my personal experience and I am by no means an expert. I would possibly consider a little less engine. The F200 makes this rig a little heavy in the stern but no complaints when it gets me from one side of the bay to the other.

Tight lines !
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Re: My 2150 Fish...experience 4 years later

Postby briscoec » Thu Jun 07, 2012 12:43 pm

Good report. I'd check the internal motor anodes if I were you. I have found that in salt water service they build up a waxey like cake over them and I am sure that can't be good for corrosion protection. It brushes off pretty easily with a small wire brush and even replacement ones are only 6 or 8$. Corrosion is not covered under warranty.
See you on Galveston bay.
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