1999 blazer 202 pro v set up

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1999 blazer 202 pro v set up

Postby southwestblazer » Mon Jun 16, 2008 2:27 pm

I bought this boat about 4 months ago, and have spent endless hours researching and experimenting with motor set up. It has a 1999 225 mercury optimax motor with a 10 in. manual jack plate. The props that came with boat were a 26 unknown manufacturer 4 blade, and a powertech 24 4 blade. I have contacted everyone from Blazer to the prop. manufacturers, to Mercury trying to solve my problem, with NO success. Hoping to find someone here that has exact same boat motor combo to see what the secret is to setting up these boats. My problem is this, the boat takes forever to plane (no holeshot) during takeoff, motor seems to strugggle to get out of hole. I realize all the variables in this equation, but don't think a 225 should be laboring with this boat with 2 guys and limited amount of gear. I have had authorized mercury dealer check motor, all new plugs, impeller, etc. I have run both props, 24 seems to perform better, but not a huge difference. I have had motor up to the suggested 1 1/2 inches below pad, and 4 inches below, and everywhere in between. Seems to be better with motor lower. This is my last hope to find perfect set-up, I am not looking for comments to move motor up down, etc, etc. Everyone I have spoken with has a different opinion of correct set up. What I am looking for is someone who may have this exact same boat motor combo, that I can compare this boats performance to.
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Re: 1999 blazer 202 pro v set up

Postby blazin blazer 16 » Sat Jul 05, 2008 12:51 pm

I had the same problem. A friend loaned me a 26 3 blade merc prop and it shot out of the hole. I have a 1994 model boat, 20' 5" with a225 at the time. Now i have a 250 running same prop with the same results.
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Re: 1999 blazer 202 pro v set up

Postby lhaag » Thu Jul 14, 2011 1:55 pm

I have a 99 202 pro v. It has a 2008 yamaha hpdi 225 on it with a 27 pitch prop. It is very fast out of the hole. It has a 12" blazer jack plate that is set all the way down. i know thats a different motor but maybe the pitch of the motor and the jackplate being set all the way down would make a difference.
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Re: 1999 blazer 202 pro v set up

Postby tcd » Sat Aug 27, 2011 11:14 am

if motor has been checked and is ok you may need to get larger holes drilled in your prop try to find a prop with larger holes and it should help. if the holes are too big and your motor spins or rpms go to far up and it want come out of the hole then you can get pvs hole plugs and try one first if that doesn't help then try two and so on. you can join fastbass.com and those guys can give you the best advice of anyone
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