5 Advantages of Adding Twin Outboards to Your Boat

Thu, Mar 18, 2021 at 10:00AM

5 Advantages of Adding Twin Outboards to Your Boat

As the saying goes, two is better than one, and that is never more apparent than when your fishing boat comes equipped with two outboard motors. When given the choice, a twin outboard package may cost more than just one motor but is sure to provide you with priceless benefits each time you go fishing both inshore and offshore. To celebrate the new twin outboard package that is available for our 2700 Hybrid Bay, we are serving up 5 advantages of equipping your boat with this premier offering!

Always Have a Backup

In the unfortunate event that one of your motors ever becomes incapacitated by hitting a rock or stump, you will still have another one to get you home safely. There are still issues that may come up which would impact both motors, such as contaminated fuel, but having twin outboards means that you are more likely to still have a functioning engine even when one is damaged. Today’s motors are more reliable than ever and having two only promises greater peace of mind.

Less Stress on Each Motor

A single-engine setup places all the stress of the boat’s function on one motor, which can lead to complications such as overheating when it is overworked. At higher speeds, one motor may be getting pushed to its limits. However, when your boat is equipped with twin outboards, they will be sharing the load. Since each engine is pulling half the weight, they are both less likely to overheat, overstress, or malfunction due to high speeds.

Improved Performance

Typically, twin outboards will weigh more and take up more space in the water, which creates a higher amount of drag than just one motor. However, these disadvantages are quickly outweighed by the difference in horsepower offered by two motors. Many twin outboards promise horsepower figures that greatly exceed those of just one engine, which yields a higher degree of performance on the water.

Unparalleled Maneuverability

Of course, boats with just one motor can still navigate fishing grounds and maneuver through both inshore and offshore waters. However, a twin outboard configuration enables your boat to maneuver better than ever before! Twin motors work together as a team, utilizing directional thrust vectors to allow turns at extremely sharp angles. They can even “walk” your boat sideways, making it easier than ever to sidle right up to the dock.

Greater Balance

Enjoy unprecedented stability with a twin outboard setup. Since the weight of your motors is distributed across two fixed points at the stern of your boat, you will enjoy a greater sense of balance while fishing, cruising, or just dropping anchor. Single motors can feel a bit wobbly at times, and that is because the weight of your boat is essentially teetering on a seesaw. Whether sitting, standing, or however you spend your time on the water, you will feel much more stable with two motors.

Now that you are equipped with all the knowledge you need to make an informed decision, find your local Blazer Boats dealer to add a twin outboard package to your brand new 2700 Hybrid Bay! This model already comes tailor-made for both inshore and offshore capabilities with its three livewells and two huge fish boxes, plus storage boxes for rods, and having two motors will only allow it to handle even better. Be the star of your next weekend getaway or fishing tournament with a Blazer 2700 Hybrid Bay with twin outboards!

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