6 Simple Ways to Keep Your Bass Fishing Boat in Great Shape

Tue, Sep 20, 2022 at 9:40AM

6 Simple Ways to Keep Your Bass Fishing Boat in Great Shape

Bass fishing boats are like any other vehicle. You have to maintain them for a lifetime of good, reliable performance. Neglect your bass boat, and you can expect poorer performance and even a breakdown, possibly ruining your day out fishing. 

What are some ways you can ensure that your bass fishing boat will serve you with many years of fishing fun?

1. Run New Gas in Bass Boats

Even if you’re running non-ethanol fuel, you have about six months before it’s going to lose its combustibility. Gas with ethanol might last three months. 

Beyond this timespan, the gas not only has trouble burning but can also oxidize and clog your fuel system. Use a fuel stabilizer if you must let your boat sit for long periods, but it’s still a good idea to just get new gas.

2. Protect Your Boat from Sunlight

First, it’s a good idea to wax your boat. This will keep UV rays from destroying your hull. 

Second, make sure your bass boat is stored under a cover or in a garage. Even with the best wax and other protectants, the sun is still fantastic at destroying vinyl, rubber, plastic, and paint.

3. Back Off on Your Speed

The less wear and tear on your bass boat, the better. Constant and sustained high speeds can be hard on your engine and going through rough water too fast can cause your bass boat to constantly slam down on the surface of the water with every wave. 

Over time, this stress can manifest itself in cracks, loose parts, and reduced engine life.

4. Clean the Boat When You Bring It Out of the Water

Whenever you’re done with a day of angling, make sure you wash your bass boat, no matter how clean it looks. The gel coat on your boat can get stained, or worse, the wax coating you diligently applied will be worn away, and those UV rays you wanted to block will now be eating away at your hull once again.

5. Change the Oil

It’s easy to forget, but just like your car needs to have the oil changed, so does your boat. This is especially true if you’re getting beyond the motor’s break-in period. Your bass boat’s manual will tell you how often the oil needs to be changed. This keeps the engine’s parts lubricated and ensures it won’t run hot.

6. Enjoy Your Bass Boat

Letting bass boats sit can be terrible for them, too. So, remember to get out there and enjoy some time on the water! If you’re looking for the perfect bass boat, your friends at Blazer Boats are glad to help.


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