Do Power Poles Mean More Fish?

Mon, Feb 01, 2021 at 7:40PM

Do Power Poles Mean More Fish?

Power Poles for Shallow Water Anchoring

If you have been boating for any amount of time, you have experienced the “rope and anchor” method of anchoring.  From getting your lines tangled in the anchor line while fishing to drifting around in circles at the mercy of the current, the rope and anchor method was definitely not ideal.

Enter one of the best inventions in fishing: The Power Pole.

Many Blazer Boats owners opt for an installation of a Power Pole for the ease of anchoring.  But one big bonus of the Power Pole is the quiet nature of deployment.  No longer do your fish get spooked out of your perfect fishing spot by the splash of an anchor or the drag of the anchor across their hiding spot. Want more fish? A Power Pole is the answer!

Not only is anchoring easy, but now you can take your rig out solo and not fight the boat at the launch. Rather than fighting a rope and looking for somewhere to tie your boat off while you park the trailer, you simply deploy the Power Pole, get out, park the truck, and your boat is exactly where you left it. Worried about your boat rubbing the dock or another boat at a crowded launch? Just position your boat away from the dock and others and no matter how strong the wakes or current are, your boat stays put.

Even when you are using your trolling motor, and find the perfect spot, you don’t have to stop fishing to anchor. Simply press a button to deploy the Power Pole and you instantly hold your spot. All without spooking the fish!  Found that perfect spot but other boaters are creating wakes? With a Power Pole you stay exactly where you want without fighting movement from boat wakes.

Power Poles are available as an option on any Blazer Boat and will handle all your anchoring needs in water up to 10′ deep.  Improve your fishing game today with quiet and secure anchoring using Power Poles.  Use 2 Power Poles for even more stability in anchoring!

The Team at Blazer Boats wishes you a fun and safe boating season! For us, boating is a lifestyle, not a hobby. Our boats are custom handcrafted in our factory in Pensacola, FL.  We are proud to call our Blazer Boats “Made in the USA.” Find your closest Blazer Boats dealer to discover more!

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