Give Yourself the Gift of Your Very Own Trophy Catch

Fri, Dec 17, 2021 at 3:38PM

Give Yourself the Gift of Your Very Own Trophy Catch

The holidays are the perfect opportunity to come together with friends and family over a bountiful spread of delicious food, but it may also present a cherished opportunity to spend some tranquil time on the water. This year, why not impress all your holiday guests with your very own trophy catch fresh from the local fishing flats? If you do decide to go fishing this holiday season, Blazer Boats is here to help you reel in a top-notch catch!

Where to Find Your Holiday Trophy

Now that the water is cooling down, bass typically migrate into skinny water. They spend much of their time in deep water during warmer weather to stay cool so once it stops being so hot, they dwell closer to shore. Hooking a trophy catch starts with successfully tracking your prey, and your local bass population may be changing their behavior at this time of year. Adapt your fishing tactics accordingly and you are much more likely to find a trophy in your favorite fishing flats this winter.

Specifically, bass prefer shallow water this time of year because they can find baitfish there, like shad and crawfish. Winter holidays are an opportune time to reel in bass because they will bite at almost everything as they feed for winter. Once it gets too cold, then bass will slow down and bite much less often. Check your shallows near drops and ledges, where ponds and lakes meet rivers.

Matching Lures to Baitfish

Before you attempt to reel in bass this December, it’s crucial to remember the importance of matching your lures to the baitfish that local bass feed on. For example, matching the size and color of your lures to creatures like shad, crawfish, or frogs can invite more bites. If you’re already familiar with your nearby fishing grounds and know what the bass like, then stick to the lures that work. Otherwise, experiment with multiple lures to discover what your local bass population favors.

Fishing and Your Favorite Sport

Skinny fishing demands a lure that will really shine even when it’s dragging through rocks, grass, and cover. Appropriate for this time of year, when America’s favorite pastime is coming to a head, we suggest using a football jig when you go fishing! The football head will keep your line away from any rocks or cover that could otherwise tangle it up, and it lets you drag the hook across the bottom of the water with reliable success. Football jigs are great for fishing in shallows and creek channels.

This holiday season, there will be plenty of bass for you to fish in the shallows. All you have to do is take your Blazer Boat out and anticipate any possible changes in their behavior. Follow these tips and you are sure to return home with a trophy that all your loved ones will be impressed by. From the Blazer Boats family to you, we wish you good luck fishing and happy holidays this year!

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