How to Change Your Technique and Reel in a Trophy Catch This Fall

Thu, Oct 06, 2022 at 10:25AM

How to Change Your Technique and Reel in a Trophy Catch This Fall

Whether you’re new to bass fishing boats or an old salt, you probably have a favorite fishing hole or go-to technique you use to reel in your catch. Just like the best bass boats, the details matter when you get out on the water, and you’ll want to pay attention if you’re going to catch a trophy.

Bass Fishing Boats and Fall Fishing

Is there anything better than getting out on the lake when the weather begins to shift and things start to cool? Water temperatures change with the weather, and the fish really start to move. You’ll want to experiment with a little different technique if you haven’t already.

Follow the Temperatures

Since bass like their habitat at a certain temperature, you’ll want to bear in mind that, as the weather cools and air temperatures drop, they are going to descend away from the topwaters into the more temperature-stable bottoms toward November or so. 

In early fall, they will still hang out in the topwaters looking for whatever they can forage, especially in the mornings and evenings, when things are cool. If you want to land a trophy catch, try casting shallow with bluegill swimbaits, and throw shallow cranks using shad patterns. 

Bass love big lures, so if you’re casting in water that’s the right temperature, you’re sure to land a ten-pounder.

Consider Your Competition

If the lake is crowded, your chances of landing a great catch are much lower. That means weekends are out, mostly, unless the lake happens to be deserted for some reason. 

Late fall is a great time to take the bass fishing boat out for a turn or two, especially since most anglers are sitting at home with their feet up by the fire, eating a microwaveable dinner. That doesn’t have to be you.

Weekdays are often the best time to find still waters, few anglers, and lots of curious bass.

Shallows and Coves

Bass can hang out in shallows, where it’s warm, on sunny days in the late fall and early winter. Consider casting at an angle into bays and small coves, especially where there are submerged rocks or underbrush. You may strike a whopper.

Catch a Trophy This Fall

Whatever your technique, it pays to fish from the deck of a great bass boat. It’s all about the experience because this is how memories are made. 


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