Our Favorite Parts of Fall Fishing

Tue, Oct 27, 2020 at 10:00AM

Our Favorite Parts of Fall Fishing

From cooler, crisper weather to vibrant changing leaves, there are many tell-tale signs of fall to enjoy in the weeks and months ahead! For anglers, there’s one more: increased bites in some seriously beautiful on-the-water locales.

Your Blazer Boat makes it easy to enjoy all of fall’s splendor and fishing fun. Just take a look below as we explore some of the things we love most about this crisp, colorful time of year (and how to experience it from a Blazer of your own).

Hungry, aggressive feeders

In many freshwater fishing spots, you may notice that bass and other big catches start to get a little hungrier than usual. They know that colder weather is on its way (meaning limited food options for them), and will be more eager to bite than ever. Come equipped with an empty fish box and the gear to land the catch like jerkbaits, which are designed to drum up attention even in shallow waters with lower visibility.

Fall flats fishing

In addition to increased overall action on the water, you may find that the best fishing happens a little closer to shore in freshwater environments. You can more comfortably angle in a variety of areas because fish are not necessarily hanging out in the cooler, open water to escape sizzling shallows warmed by the sun like they were in summertime. (Plus, as we head further into the fall season, you’ll find that your favorite flats are quieter than ever—perfect for some serious fishing odds!)

Plus, many anglers find that fishing the flats offers a way to connect with nature on an even closer level! Of course, to navigate these shallow environments, you’ll need a sleek boat that’s up to the task. Blazer’s line of bay and bass boats offer you a way to get closer to the shore or banks for the best fishing, especially as species like bass head to the backs of creeks for fall.

Taking the scenic route

Speaking of getting closer to those beautiful, shallow aquatic environments…

One of our favorite parts of fishing during fall is the invitation to slow down and enjoy the scenic route! Blazers are built to be versatile, providing serious fishing performance and the comfort you crave, too. So you can truly relax between catches and admire the ever-changing foliage all around you. Bring a thermos of your favorite coffee or hot cocoa on cooler mornings, and enjoy the serenity that goes along with quieter, less crowded waterways.

Wherever you find yourself fishing and cruising this fall—whether it’s a vibrant autumnal escape, or perhaps a warm-weather destination to keep the spirit of summer strong! –we hope that you enjoy your adventure to the fullest. On a Blazer Boat, that’s easy to do! Browse our boats, locate a dealer or contact us today to get started on the exciting journey of Blazer boat ownership and all the fun, family memories and fishing thrills that go along with it.

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