Seasons of Fishing: Our Expert Guide to Winter Bass Angling

Thu, Oct 28, 2021 at 10:26AM

Seasons of Fishing: Our Expert Guide to Winter Bass Angling

Winter will soon be at our doorstep but that doesn’t mean that angling aficionados need to put away their fishing rods! In fact, bass will still be biting at many (if not all) of your favorite fishing grounds – it just requires patience and a new approach. Preparation and a deeper understanding of bass behavior during winter will both go a long way towards ensuring that you can keep reeling them in all the way until spring. Just keep reading to learn more!

Safety First

One of the most important facets of bass angling in winter has nothing to do with fishing itself. Depending on where you live, water temperature can range from chilly to dangerously cold. Most months out of the year in Florida are mild, but it’s important to prepare for the lower temperatures in winter. Stay warm by wearing multiple layers and be sure to bring along extra clothes in case you get wet. Now that you’re as safe as can be, we can delve into the most exciting part – fishing!

Where to Look

There are two very important factors at play when searching for bass in winter: baitfish and deep water. If you find both in one area, then you’ve found a prime spot to reel in bass. Areas such as humps, underwater islands, and long points are typically good places to start. During this season, bass prefer locations with access to deep water and shallow water nearby – they often alternate depth in search of food.

Familiarity breeds success during your wintry hunt for bass. If you are familiar with where bass typically spawn during the other seasons of the year, then they are likely to hang out around those spots during winter. Consider checking the first instances of deeper water that are adjacent to spawning flats – these are most likely to be your bass fishing hotspots throughout winter.

The Best Fishing Lures

Fast-moving and topwater baits are typically out of season in winter because bass are more likely to be found in deeper water. Instead, try slow-moving jigs! Lures such as football-head jigs and hair jigs work well when the water gets cold because they will creep across the bottom and entice lethargic bass. Additionally, metal baits such as spoons and blade baits often outperform everything else in the cold because bass may mistake them for dying baitfish. Finally, soft-plastic baits are a top choice for winter anglers. Bass react well to these, especially when you fish them slower than you would at other times of the year.

Water Temperature

One of the most important things to monitor during your winter fishing is the water temperature. This dictates the movement of bass, and it can provide you with some crucial hints on where to find your next catch. The following temperature ranges trigger changes in eating habits for bass:

  • Under 40 degrees: bass will often be inactive and only strike at an easy meal, so using the perfect bait is key.
  • 40-50 degrees: bass will be feeding less often, but will still chase lures to some degree and can get caught with a number of baits.
  • 50-60 degrees: these are excellent fishing conditions because bass living in these temperatures are still willing to bite a wide array of lures.

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