Treat Yourself to the Gift of Fishing with Blazer's Angling Boats

Mon, Dec 20, 2021 at 9:00AM

Treat Yourself to the Gift of Fishing with Blazer's Angling Boats

If you’re going to hit the water in search of the perfect catch, you should do it in a boat you look forward to using. Instead of relying on your cousin to finally fix his old fiberglass 10 footer, it’s time to treat yourself to the Blazer bass boat you’ve always wanted!

Since 1978, the Craft family has crafted the finest bass fishing boats and center console boats for anglers. From freshwater to saltwater, you can rely on a Blazer to deliver what you’re looking for. 

Blazer 650 Pro Tour

With up to 300 horsepower, no fish is going to get away from you with the 650 Pro Tour. It’s bigger, wider, and bolder than before, but still fast and maneuverable. Are you a pro fisherman? Weekend angler? Whatever you are, here’s a boat that will make fish fear you!


  • 21 feet, 4 inches long
  • 1400 pound max capacity
  • 50-gallon fuel capacity
  • 300 HP maximum (at least 250 HP recommended)

Standard Features:

  • 2 ice coolers
  • Storage for twenty 3700 tackle trays
  • Rod rack in the port rod box
  • Starboard day box tackle storage compartment
  • Bow and stern LED deck lighting
  • Dual USB chargers for up to four devices

Optional Features:

  • Image transducer
  • Power pole charger

In short, the Blazer 650 Pro Tour can make any day on the water the best day on the water.

Blazer 625 Pro Elite

You want speed? The 625 Pro Elite has got speed. Deck space? Storage capacity? Yes and yes. While 250 horses are recommended, Blazer can put in a lot more power than that.


  • 20 feet, 6 inches long
  • 1400 pounds max capacity
  • Twin 25-gallon fuel tanks
  • Unlimited max HP (250 HP recommended)

Standard Features:

  • Large divided livewell with Max Air intake system
  • Huge storage compartments
  • Rod rack in the port rod box
  • Starboard day box tackle storage compartment
  • Two extra-large ice coolers
  • Custom dash with engine manufacturer's digital gauges
  • 10-micron water separator
  • Livewell pump-out system

Optional Features:

  • 10-inch Slidemaster manual plate
  • Minn Kota 4 bank battery charger

If you’re a speed freak, this is the boat for you. It’s fun even if there aren’t any fish!

Blazer 595 Pro Elite

A sub 20-foot boat that gets up on the plane with alarming haste. If you think you’ve tried an agile, fast, incredible handling sub 20-footer before, you haven’t – unless it was also a Blazer 595 Pro Elite!


  • 19 feet, 7 inches long
  • 1250 pounds max capacity
  • 44-gallon fuel capacity
  • 225 HP maximum, 150 HP minimum (200 HP recommended)

Standard Features:

  • Plenty of huge storage compartments
  • Port and starboard rod boxes
  • Rod rack in the port rod box
  • Two extra-large ice coolers
  • Transom saver
  • 10-inch black Slidemaster jack plate
  • Choose metal flake or gel coat side panels

Optional Features:

  • Bob’s 10-inch action black
  • Minn Kota 4 bank battery charger

You will not be disappointed with this boat. You can’t be disappointed with this boat. It will bring a smile to your face when you hammer the throttle.

Whether it’s a gift for someone else or for yourself, a Blazer bass boat offers huge benefits for high-performance fishermen. The holidays are almost here. Get ready to get out on the water!

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