Anglers know center console boats are fantastic for fishing. You get fantastic access to the water for 360 degrees around the console, meaning you can chase a fish no matter where it goes (or you can just have multiple occupants fishing from multiple sides).
But even the best new center console boats need more than just excellent basic construction to make them an angler’s delight. Some key accessories can transform basic, fun, fast center console boats into your catch’s worst nightmare.

1. A Control Box
Though a boat’s whole purpose is to spend time in the water, water is also terrible for boats. It’s an irony that boat owners have to live with.
You can fight back against the elements, of course, and while your boat should be made of corrosion-resistant materials like stainless steel and well-treated fiberglass, protecting sensitive electronics is also vital.
That’s why having a waterproof control box just makes sense. You can keep your GPS, radio, and other electricity-dependent devices dry in there. Your wallet and keys would probably prefer staying in there, too.

2. Plenty of Strong Dock Line
Your dock line needs to keep an entire boat from floating away, so get a line that can handle all that tension. You’ll need different lengths to tie to different areas of the boat so it won’t bump into the dock once the wind gets rough.

3. Rod Holders
Don’t cheap out on your rod holders; get ones made from robust materials like marine-grade aluminum. You spent a lot on your rods; why trust them to a flimsy holder? Make sure your holder has a secure grip to keep your rods from coming loose yet allows for easy access when you want to grab a rod and catch some fish.

4. An Anemometer
Rather than licking your finger and pointing it in the air, trust technology. A handheld anemometer will tell you with accurate readings which direction the wind is blowing and how fast.

5. Underwater Lights
Underwater lights look cool, and they can attract game fish. What else do you need to know?

6. An Anchor
This might sound obvious, but having a compact anchor on board will allow you to find a great fishing spot and not move. The more compact, the better, so you can avoid wasting valuable space.

Optimizing and Accessorizing Fast Center Console Boats
If you’re spending the money on a new boat, why not make it everything you want? No matter what boat you buy, there’s always a little fine-tuning to be done. Take some time and research the specific accessories and brands you want for a long season of happy boating!