A Day on the Water - How to Make the Most of Inshore Fishing Boats
The little things in life often matter most and help make the most out of a given experience. The trouble is, we often don’t see these little things until we’ve already made a commitment in some way and had to live with the consequences of that decision. A great example is when...
What Features Should I Look for in the Best Bay Boats?
When you’re shopping for your perfect fishing boat, the bay boat is a logical choice. Clocking in at anywhere from 17 to 25 feet in length, they’re the perfect choice for a day spent angling just about anywhere, from lakes and rivers to inshore applications.
Bass Pro Tournament Preview: Lake Champlain
Located at the convergence of two US states — New York and Vermont — and bordering one Canadian province (Quebec), Lake Champlain, home of Round Six of the Bass Pro Tournament, is the third-largest lake in New York state. As a result of its size alone, the fishing there requires...