A Day on the Water - How to Make the Most of Inshore Fishing Boats

Fri, Jul 29, 2022 at 9:00PM

A Day on the Water - How to Make the Most of Inshore Fishing Boats

The little things in life often matter most and help make the most out of a given experience. The trouble is, we often don’t see these little things until we’ve already made a commitment in some way and had to live with the consequences of that decision. 

A great example is when you test drive a vehicle and love it enough to buy it but realize six months later that it has a certain feature that’s slowly driving you crazy. Following are a few helpful tips on how to make the most out of your inshore fishing boat.

Power for Inshore Fishing Boats

Inshore fishing boats are the ultimate tool for the job of fishing the various inlets and bays of our nation’s coastal waters. You’d better be ready for anything when you’re inshoring, and that means having the right gear for the job. Your ideal inshore fishing boat should, therefore, have more than enough power.


At a bare minimum, any inshore fishing boat’s anchoring system, especially at the bow, should be fully integrated with the bow locker. This is so that whether the anchor is deployed or not, there’s nothing on the deck or gunwale to snag a line. 

The bow locker should close fully whether the anchor is in or out, and it should never interfere with the operation of your trolling motor. 


Some anglers prefer a nice, wide gunwale that they can stand on when they’re reeling or casting. Others prefer a thin design in order to maximize interior space. It’s up to you, but know what you need and why.

Holders, Seating, Tops, and More

The best inshore fishing boats have provision for rod holders at least on both sides of the console, plus at least four on the gunwales for drift fishing and trolling.

As for seats, it’s best if they’re fold-down jump seats aft of the console for traveling to and from the best spots. You definitely don’t want someone riding in a bow-mounted pedestal seat while you’re cruising on plane.

If you find yourself regularly needing shade on land, you’ll definitely want to ensure your inshore boat has a soft bimini or even a hard top over the console. Just know that it can sometimes be a hindrance to casting.

Whichever options you choose, it’s best to talk to other anglers about what they like and why. In the end, the more research you’ve done, the more likely you will enjoy your inshore boat.

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