Elevate Your Game with a Fishing Tower

Fri, Jun 04, 2021 at 10:00AM

Elevate Your Game with a Fishing Tower

Fishing towers empower anglers with optimal vision and quick response time to the environments below their boat. Visibility is vital to success and towers provide the perfect perch with which to locate your next catch – that’s why we offer half and full towers as an option on our new Blazer Bay 2440! This beautiful model is built to handle the demands of the hardcore angler, especially when you take advantage of premium options like a tower. Just read on to learn more about how fishing towers help bring your angling game to the next level!

Benefits of Having a Tower

First, let’s cast a line and reel in all the many benefits of fishing towers! Grassy waters can make trolling a chore – there’s not much worse than losing time of your day just untangling from the weeds. However, from atop a fishing tower, you can see weed lines and avoid them before they snag your hook!

Also, when you encounter schools of fish, having the ability to observe them from a higher viewpoint will make it easier to identify the type of fish and track which direction they are traveling. This way, it’s easier to follow the action and optimize your chances of success with each cast.

Besides the ease of fish spotting, fishing towers simply make it easier to see everything else! For example, you can see problems like sharks coming for your fish, or locate points of interest like lobster holes, reefs, and other structures. Visibility is the key that will unlock all your angling woes!

Half Towers & Full Towers

After touching on some of the many incredible benefits of fishing towers, now let’s dive into the differences between half towers and full towers. Half towers are a simple and great option for gaining a valuable few feet over the water line. Due to their smaller size, half towers are an accessible option for driving under bridges or trailering through overhangs.

It may be self-explanatory but full towers bring anglers to an even higher point above the water. This way, you can see up to three times farther than if you were standing at the helm of the boat. Typically, full towers have all the controls you need to steer your boat in the right direction in pursuit of fish from the comfort of your perch.

That covers the basics of half towers and full towers but there is still a whole host of benefits – simply contact Blazer Boats to learn more! This exciting feature can be added to every Blazer Bay 2440 that we build from scratch to perfectly match your every need. Each of our tournament fishing boats are designed for the modern angler so that you can enjoy every tool necessary for top-notch fishing!

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