Seasons of Fishing: Our Expert Guide to Fall Bass Angling

Thu, Jul 29, 2021 at 5:50PM

Seasons of Fishing: Our Expert Guide to Fall Bass Angling

Just because summer is ending soon doesn’t mean bass fishing is over! In fact, bass tend to aggressively hunt for prey throughout the cooler months of fall as they prepare for winter. Compared to spring, bass are less likely to group up, which means finding your next catch can prove to be more troublesome than what you’re accustomed to. Blazer Boats embraces the challenge of bass fishing in fall, which is why we’ve put together this expert guide for your use!

How Bass Fishing Looks Different in Fall

Fall is the time of year when baitfish like shad and crawfish make their way down river. Bass will start to migrate towards skinny water with greater frequency in search of this cherished prey, such as the waters around drops and ledges of rivers. However, bass won’t be too picky because it is important for them to fatten up before winter. If you find shad, crawfish, bluegill, minnows, or even small frogs and insects, then bass may not be far behind!

Where to Look

As we said, skinny fishing is going to define your season of bass fishing. As the weather gets cooler, bass will gradually push further back into coves and arms. Search bodies of water for locations where bass can trap or ambush their prey, as this is where they will be spending most of their time. Examples of prime ambush opportunities include isolated docks, rock walls, grass edges, and small patches of shade.

Bass love to congregate around grass, and grass patches start to die off as we transition out of summer. Any remaining patches of grass you find in fall can yield some promising action. Furthermore, bass prefer the ability to access deeper waters when the temperature dictates it. Search flats with adjacent access to deeper water and you are more likely to find bass that are lingering in that zone between shallow and deeper waters.

The Best Fishing Lures

Summer coming to a close also marks the conclusion of the spawn period for bass. What does this mean to anglers? Well, bass are hungry, and they are looking for food to fill them up for a cold winter! Consider using these lures when you hit the water this fall in search of fish.

  • Bass love feeding on shad and lipless crankbaits are your best option for mimicking the behavior of this preferred prey.
  • Spinnerbaits allow anglers to stay on top of schools of bass, making it a very effective choice for targeting bass that feed close to the surface.
  • The tried-and-true rubber worm is ideal for bass fishing when nothing else seems to work. If you’re struggling with other baits, it may be the size of your lure or the time of day. Using rubber worms allows you to slow down your presentation and entice bass.

Just because the seasons change doesn’t mean anything needs to be different about your fishing results! Follow our guide and you will be sure to fish just as successfully in the fall as you did in spring and summer. Of course, all the best bass fishing adventures require the best bass fishing boats, and Blazer Boats offers models that allow you to fish flats like the pros! Give us a call today to learn more about our premier models and start fishing like you’ve always dreamed.

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