Blazer Boats Clears the Air on 5 Common Bass Fishing Myths

Thu, Jul 29, 2021 at 5:49PM

Blazer Boats Clears the Air on 5 Common Bass Fishing Myths

Falsehoods, partial truths, and old wives’ tales – all of these can impede your ability to have that angling breakthrough and reel in a trophy catch! While some bass fishing tips are born from backgrounds of success and expertise, others are often explanations offered up by disappointed anglers after fruitless expeditions. Being able to separate the credible info from the urban myths is key to successfully catching bass. Join Blazer Boats as we dispel some of these old myths in our efforts to help your angling efforts succeed!

Myth 1: Big Catches Require Big Baits

Bass are opportunistic feeders and will bite at the easiest food sources that are accessible to them. Sure, bass have some preferred prey, but that doesn’t mean that they only target those species. In that vein, big bass don’t actually require big lures! They will bite at bait that is both big and small. Don’t limit your choice of bait based on the type of fish that you’re searching for.

Myth 2: Bass Don’t Learn

Just because bass have smaller brains than us doesn’t mean that they fail to adapt to certain patterns. For example, studies have shown that bass can learn to associate certain sights, sounds, smells, and tastes with danger. Older fish often have more extensive libraries of interactions to pull their behavior from, whether it’s shying away from a hook or avoiding overhead shadows.

Myth 3: Bass Move Randomly

From above the surface, it might seem like fish are simply swaying in the current without a care in the world. However, what isn’t apparent is that bass are proven creatures of habit. Each hunt around a dock or spawn in a riverbank is done with complete purpose. Bass favor “comfort zones,” such as areas with constant supplies of food and oxygen, so successful fishing hinges on finding those places of comfort.

Myth 4: Bass Don’t Come to Shallow Waters in Summer

In summer, after the spawn is over, bass tend to migrate to their deeper haunts. Food is plentiful in offshore structures like shell beds, shoals, and humps. While it is true that bass tend to permeate deeper waters in the summer, they can still be found in shallow habitats as well. In fact, bass may never leave waters with grass, shallow cover, and continuous sources of baitfish even in the heat of summer. The truth behind this myth is that every habitat is unique!

Myth 5: Bass Avoid Sunlight

Some anglers believe that bass avoid direct sunlight because they don’t have eyelids. The only truth here is that bass do indeed lack eyelids, but their eyes are able to regulate how much sunlight reaches their retina – which means that sunlight presents no issue! Anglers can find bass in waters with no consequence from the sun.

We hope that debunking some common bass fishing myths can help you overcome these falsehoods associated with our most beloved sport! Of course, there are plenty more myths out there. Whether you’re new to bass fishing or you’ve been struggling to find success, there is plenty to gain from speaking with seasoned anglers! At Blazer Boats, bass fishing is our passion, and that passion drives our mission to provide all anglers with the best tournament fishing boats in the market. Review our models today, then give us a call to learn more about acquiring your very own Blazer boat!

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