Reel In These 7 Bass Lures Before Your Next Fishing Trip

Thu, Jun 17, 2021 at 10:00AM

Reel In These 7 Bass Lures Before Your Next Fishing Trip

With so many lure options on the market, it’s easy for anglers to get flustered looking for the perfect one! This is especially true for rookie anglers as well as those who have been away on hiatus. Don’t worry – Blazer is here to simplify everything as much as possible! Variety is the spice of fishing so read on to find 7 tried and true bass lures that prove effective year-round!


We’re kicking off this list with perhaps the most consistent lure of them all – jigs! Whether 40 degrees or 90 degrees, rocky or open water, 4 feet or 40 feet deep, jigs are sure to get you results. No matter the circumstances, you’ll find bites 365 days a year with this lure!


This wonderful lure is almost as consistent as jigs, which speaks volumes about its efficacy! Depending on the seasons and water conditions, choosing the right type of crank can be all it takes to find bass willing to bite. When the waters are warm in summer, lean towards crankbaits with wider wobbles and more aggressive retrieves – the bass love it!


Though jerkbaits are commonly relegated to cold water months, you can rely on them to attract fish any month of the year. If you do elect into jerkbaiting, we recommend avoiding fishing one too fast. Otherwise, rip them through scattered grass and twitch them rapidly to earn results!

Finesse Worm

This lure may not be flashy – it looks just like its namesake critter, after all – but it is reliable. If you can find bass, they will be sure to take a few bites at your worm. Try twitching one around boat docks and vegetation, you’ll be sure to generate some strikes in no time.


Bass feast on crawfish all year long so it’s no surprise that craw-shaped lures are popular with them! Real crawfish can often be found in shallow weeds and deep rocks, and they are active for most parts of the year outside of the coldest months. Drop a craw lure where the real crawfish are, and the bass will come swimming.


This lure is so handy because it can be used to emulate a wide variety of baitfish. Since bass are always feeding on something year-round, you can typically use a swimbait to feign whatever they’re targeting that season and find some bites. For example, swimbaits can be hopped on an underspin and then allowed to fall to emulate a dying shad – a popular baitfish for bass.

Lipless Crankbait

Just like jigs, lipless crankbaits are an effective lure in both shallow and deep water. Grassy waters and stumps are as easy to fish as open waters with this lure. They prove especially effective in the summer by covering wide ranges of water and targeting schools of fish. Regardless of season, you can’t go wrong with lipless crankbaits.

Now that you know what works, you can go through your tackle box and get rid of any excess lures. Having 30 different types will never matter as much as knowing when to use the right one. It doesn’t hurt to hit the flats using the ultimate bass fishing boat, either! Use our dealer locator to find your nearest seller of Blazer Boats and stop by today – we have the perfect model for you! From Texas to North Carolina, Blazer makes it easy to fish like a tournament pro.

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