4 Reasons to Add Underwater Lights to Your Blazer Boat

Fri, Jun 04, 2021 at 10:00AM

4 Reasons to Add Underwater Lights to Your Blazer Boat

Underwater lights are more than just an ambient option for our incredible line of tournament fishing boats – they even improve your fishing game and help you stay out on the water for longer, too! An increasing number of anglers want this feature on their boat, which is why we give you the choice of adding it to whichever Blazer fishing boat most perfectly suits your needs. Read on to find four awesome benefits of equipping your boat with underwater lights!

Bring the Zooplankton to You

Many anglers know that bait fish are some of the best ways to lure and reel in larger fish. But what do bait fish feed on? Copious amounts of zooplankton, of course! Zooplankton consists of tiny animals and the immature stages of larger animals, and they are quickly attracted to the warm glow of underwater lights! By drawing in zooplankton, bait fish are sure to soon follow.

Built to Withstand the Water

There’s no need to worry about underwater lights getting damaged or broken by the water, even when you have to slice through chop. They are built tough so that they can stand up against the difficult conditions found underneath the water’s surface. This means you won’t have to spend as much on maintenance and repairs for your underwater lights.

Stay Out Longer

Lights above the water are less than ideal because they can attract swarms of bugs as the sun goes down. Sure, they may light the way and attract fish, but your experience on the water will certainly be miserable. Conversely, underwater lights achieve all the same benefits without attracting those pesky bugs to your boat! Without having to worry about those insects, you can stay out on the water longer and not have to swat away bugs while fishing.

Easier to Surprise Game Fish

Zooplankton attract bait fish and bait fish attract game fish. With underwater lights and a little patience, the natural food chain will bring desirable game fish right to your boat as they hunt their prey. Excited by all the bait fish for them to feed on, it’s less likely that your real target will notice the hook at the end of your line. This directly translates into a more fruitful haul for your fishing expedition.

We’ve all had that seemingly perfect day of fishing on the water – the only downside is that they always end too soon! With underwater lights, not only can you stay out even after the sun goes down, but you can also hunt your game fish of choice better than ever. Interested in our industry-leading selection of bay boats and bass boats? Don’t forget to add the underwater lights – you won’t regret it every time you hit the flats.

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